Coming Soon! - Hummingbird House


That doesn't look like a bird house at all, does it? Well, it turns out that hummingbirds don't like "customary" houses, they prefer nesting on branches fairly high in trees. Which is why they are the perfect candidates for building a bird house using a laser cutter! Laser cutters won't work well for conventional bird houses because they can only cut relatively thin material. Bird houses need to be made of thicker material because it acts as insulation for the inside of the house.

The two key features of this house are the "branches" that stick out of the front of the house, and the windowsill that holds that fluffy material. The branch is where the hummingbird is (theoretically) supposed to nest, and that fluffy material is actually nesting material for the hummingbird (or other birds to make their nest with.

This is a project that I've completed, but haven't gotten around to finishing an in depth tutorial of the process that I went through making it.

Christopher Fisher